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How to use Twitter to promote a webinar

How to use Twitter to promote a webinar

By now, we all know about the business case for webinars — they bring in warm, pre-qualified leads for sales opportunities. In order to capture those leads, you first need them to be aware of the fact that you’re having a webinar. Much like a tree falling in the forest with no one around (which doesn’t make a sound), a webinar being hosted on a given Wednesday with no viewers doesn’t make much of a sound either — and definitely not in terms of leads.

Get ready to launch your webinar with this helpful planning checklist

Get ready to launch your webinar with this helpful planning checklist

Launching a space shuttle takes a vast amount of preparation. Planning a mission involves detailing specific crew activities and essential flight support functions with a degree of thoroughness probably best described as “mind boggling”!

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What were the 10 most popular posts of 2015?

What were the 10 most popular posts of 2015?

Now that the countdown to Christmas is in full swing, it’s always nice to reflect on the highs of 2015, and in our case, the blog posts that really got our readers thinking and sharing. So just before we kick back with a glass of mulled wine and call it a wrap for 2015, we thought you might like our Christmas Top 10 of the posts that grabbed the most eyeballs this year…

7 secrets of confident presenters

He can inspire colleague with his speeches

We all love to watch a presenter who appears cool, calm and confident. In fact, if a presenter doesn’t seem confident, it is uncomfortable to watch and we will have no confidence in the message they are sharing. But how is it that they are confident in the first place? Here are seven secrets that you can use to become a confident presenter:

Everything you’ve been taught about presentations is wrong(ish)

Everything you've been taught about presentations is wrong1

As you’d expect from a self-confessed presentation geek, the walls of my study are lined with a multitude of books dedicated to the topic of presenting. They vary by area of expertise, presentation technologies, design thinking and frankly, quality, yet there is one thing that the vast majority share – an obsession with what I would term ‘formal presentations’.

11 presenting mistakes that make your audience cringe

11 presentation mistakes to avoid

As presenters we are in the privileged position of being able to share our knowledge, experience, and passion with an audience. We may be motivating our team at a meeting, presenting a new idea to senior management, promoting our business at a networking event or sharing our expertise or our opinion at a conference or other event. However, with this privilege comes responsibility – a responsibility to ourselves to ensure we don’t kill our credibility, but more importantly, a responsibility to our audience to ensure that our message is relevant and interesting to listen to.