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Each post needs to be 100% original and written by you.

Your post cannot be previously published anywhere else.

Posts should be 1,000-1,500 words and focus on online meetings, remote work & productivity, communication, managing employees, and leadership. How-to’s and insights about how to work more efficiently & effectively are what we provide.

We like a simple, friendly, and authoritative style and tone.

We will not publish promotional content.

We do not accept ghost written content — attribution will always go to the person who wrote the article.

Any post you submit may undergo some edits and changes by our team.

We reserve the right to reject a post if we feel it does not meet our guidelines.

The Steps

Step 1. Check out the GoToMeeting Blog to see what we currently publish. Here are a few examples of our style to check out:

Three common leadership practices that kill productivity

How to speak more confidently in meetings

How to get more done in an open plan office

Step 2. Read through the Guidelines above and ensure you understand them.

Step 3. Send a pitch to our content team explaining what you’d like to write about. Our team can be reached by submitting your pitch through the form below. We’ll contact you within 2 weeks if your idea is approved or to request an outline.

Step 4. If approved, email the completed post along with your headshot and brief author bio. Our team will get back to you within 1 week, letting you know when your post will be published or if we need a few revisions.

Step 5. Once your article is published, our team will send over the link. Share your post around Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and anywhere else your audience hangs out online.


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