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Shani Harmon is the co-founder and chief delivery officer of Stop Meeting Like This. For the last 15 years she has focused on driving transformative change and eradicating wasteful and mindless activity within Fortune 500 companies around the world. Shani fundamentally believes that work shouldn’t suck. Her goal is to make it possible for people to be more connected and inspired by their own organisations and in turn, make greater contributions than they previously thought possible. She is a passionate Chicagoan who loves to take walks with her husband and their boisterous Cocker Spaniel, Ginger. Connect with Shani on LinkedIn and Twitter.

What great leaders do in every meeting

There are an infinite number of books and articles written about how to lead. There are few written about where to lead. Where does the work of leadership get done? Given that the average manager spends almost 50% of each week in meetings, how they show up in those meetings will either demonstrate their leadership skills or showcase their leadership deficiencies. If this is true, meetings matter. Meetings matter a lot.

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