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Renee Cullinan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stop Meeting Like This. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies for the last 20+ years as an advisor, writer, speaker and consultant. She looks forward to Mondays and wants that for you too. She believes that a typical work day should be one in which meaningful work gets done, decisions get made, innovations flourish, and people thrive. To make that a reality, she helps organisations re-think their work practices, especially meetings and email. Of course, she also looks forward to Fridays. Renee lives in Marin County, California, USA with her husband and daughter. They love to travel, entertain, read, and camp. Connect with Renee on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Want better meetings? Start by killing the agenda

How often do you leave a meeting, feeling that it was, well….boring? You made it through a big agenda, yet somehow little happened. There were no substantive debates. No ah-ha moments. It ‘looked’ like a good meeting, yet nobody would think or do anything meaningfully different because of it. This happens more often than it should and the culprit is the very thing that’s supposed to prevent it: the agenda.

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