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Ray Coppinger is Online Marketing Manager for Marketo in the European region. Working with the marketing team at HQ in Dublin, he works across all Marketo’s digital marketing activity. From PPC to SEO to Content Marketing, there is rarely a dull moment! When not being geekish about marketing, Ray’s time is spent being a geeky Dad to his two young kids.

Working from home is all about duvet days, right?

working from home

I remember listening to a scientist a long time ago who was making the point that while we make astounding advances in certain areas of science, other areas remain frustratingly the same. Take for example, the way in which blood is extracted in medicine. The humble needle is still the primary tool – a tool, which hasn’t changed significantly in a considerable period of time. This point came to mind the other day when I listened to a conversation on the radio about working from home. It appears that attitudes to remote working have not evolved significantly while work practices and other attitudes relating to our work lives have changed greatly.

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