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Pankaj Narang is an avid social media marketer and digital branding expert. He's a co-founder of SociAlert, a hashtag tracking tool designed to optimise Twitter performance around event tracking, social influencers, brand marketing, and media reporters. He can be found on Twitter. Based in India, he's an avid traveller, so watch out for beautiful photos! Connect on LinkedIn.

How to use Twitter to promote a webinar

By now, we all know about the business case for webinars — they bring in warm, pre-qualified leads for sales opportunities. In order to capture those leads, you first need them to be aware of the fact that you’re having a webinar. Much like a tree falling in the forest with no one around (which doesn’t make a sound), a webinar being hosted on a given Wednesday with no viewers doesn’t make much of a sound either — and definitely not in terms of leads.

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