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Manj W is one of the UK’s premier coaches, an international keynote speaker and a best-selling author. He holds several non-executive directorships, is a visiting speaker at the London Business School, has co-produced a series of audio books published by the BBC and is the creator of the success system, The Merlin Approach™. Manj heads up three coaching brands and has consulted for Peers from the UK House of Lords on the areas of mindfulness and leadership and is regularly interviewed by the media. He is a performance consultant to highly regarded organisations including Vodafone, New Look Retailers, Santander, Logitech, Lloyds Banking Group and British Telecom, as well as being a trusted advisor to high net worth entrepreneurs.

7 keys to an elite performer’s mindset

For elite performance, you have to think like an elite performer first. And in this post, we’re going to look at modelling the mindset that fuels outstanding success.

Key 1: The Thinker

Life follows thought; so be careful what you think. Where your thinking goes, your energy flows. There’s no point in setting goals and outcomes and then having uncontrolled thoughts about not achieving them. Make sure your thinking supports the outcomes you desire. Make this a daily practice and activate the positive thinker behind the thoughts.

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