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Lucy Seifert is a life coach and author with over 25 years’ experience coaching and training individuals and within organisations. She brings a unique blend of coaching and training to her work, specialising in confident communication, public speaking and time/stress management. Her training manuals for professionals include Training for Assertiveness (Gower/Ashgate). Learn more here.

These phrases will affect how people perceive you

These phrases will affect how people perceive you

The Oxford English Dictionary has just been reprinted with more than 500 new words and phrases. With September 2016 being the centenary of Roald Dahl’s birth, the quarterly update has marked the occasion with many new entries connected to his writing. These include splendiferous (“humorous word for splendid”), human bean (a “humourous alteration” of human being) and scrumdiddlyumptious (“for those occasions when scrumptious simply won’t do”). Language is constantly changing and our individual uses of language reflect our outlook, generation, view of the world and how pessimistic or optimistic we are.

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