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Jonathan Cox is the Global Marketing Manager for learning and development providers TACK International and TMI World – offering open training courses and bespoke solutions around the areas of sales skills, leadership effectiveness, personal skills and organisational cultural change. With offices in 54 countries, TACK and TMI work with organisations of all sizes and across industries to help their people make a greater impact on business performance. When Jonathan is not spreading the word about TACK and TMI, he spends his free time cycling, snowboarding, skiing, playing golf, squash and tennis – and occasionally sleeping! Follow him on Twitter @jcox208

Are you presentation phobic? We’ve got the cure

Over the years I have been fortunate enough (depending on your point of view) to present on anything from marketing strategies and business plans to awards and mobile phone ring tones, engaging audiences of senior executives, professional sport stars, rooms full of old ladies playing bingo and conference halls full of over-imbibed salespeople at 11pm on an end of year high.

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