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Gina Barnett. As speaker coach for the main stage TED Conference and communications consultant to such organisations as the Guggenheim Foundation, HSBC Bank, Novartis, GLG, Boehringer Ingelheim, TIAA-CREF, Gina has brought her knowledge of the "body as an instrument" to diverse thought leaders in multiple disciplines around the world.  She works with her clients to craft communication styles that are authentic and aligned not only with their professional goals but with their personal values, ethics and objectives. Her recently published "Play the Part," (McGraw Hill) explores the intricate ways the body impacts emotions and how to connect.  For more information:, Twitter: @playthepartbook

What is ‘Presence’, and how can you get it?

What is 'Presence', and how can you get it?

At an ‘Executive Presence’ workshop I was running recently, the corporation’s chief council stood up to make a few introductory remarks. She recounted how while talking to a recruiter she listed all the qualifications she was looking for in her next hire, and she concluded with “presence”. There was a pause, and then the recruiter replied, “presence, well that will definitely cost you more”. Wow, I thought, people are finally figuring out that presence itself has value; it’s a commodity.

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