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Gemma Falconer is a Campaign Manager for Citrix. She is part of the EMEA marketing team and looks after the webinar programme, email nurturing and content creation for the UK. In her spare time, you'll find her diving around a volleyball court, trying to learn Portuguese and eating cake – lots of cake! Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter

Get ready to launch your webinar with this helpful planning checklist

Get ready to launch your webinar with this helpful planning checklist

Launching a space shuttle takes a vast amount of preparation. Planning a mission involves detailing specific crew activities and essential flight support functions with a degree of thoroughness probably best described as “mind boggling”!

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Old school versus new school project management

Old school versus new school project management

Modern project management has very little in common with “old school” methods. Now project managers and teams can see at a glance how far things have come and how to transform their own daily project workflows in this new infographic from the Citrix project management experts.

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Read my lips: online collaboration works

Collaboration works

It’s practically impossible for a multi-national company to exploit economies of scale and scope, support knowledge transfer or cultivate a global mindset without understanding and mastering the art/science of teamwork.

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It’s not just you – 86% of office workers work late each week

people working late. work life balance. burnout

Have many times have you worked later than your contracted hours this week?

Well you’re not alone. In our survey of UK office workers, an enormous 86% of us stay late at least once a week. So it’s not much of a surprise that 91% of us find our jobs stressful. Staying late is one way of trying to deal with the backlog, whilst also trying to highlight to the boss that you’ve got a lot on.

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8 steps to successful project management in distributed teams [Infographic]

Steps to successful project management

When project team members work in different locations, communication often suffers. A mobility strategy can help to spark team spirit and to bridge distances—without arduous travel.

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Does listening to music affect your productivity? [Infographic]

Listening to music at work productivity

If you’re in an open-plan office, then you might listen to music in a bid to drown out the conversations that are surrounding you.

Gossip and general chit-chat about the most random things that you wouldn’t normally talk about (but for some reason in the office seem like the most interesting topics ever), are great from time-to-time, but some days you just need to get your head down and finish that task you were supposed to complete yesterday.

How to make flexible working work

Making flexible working work

Futurologists are forever trying to anticipate how today’s technologies will shape tomorrow’s working practices. Granted, we’re not at the point where our jobs have been taken over by robots with artificial intelligence, allowing us to enjoy a life of leisure, but communications platforms do allow us to interact and connect in ways we never thought possible. However, for many, the communications revolution hasn’t yet materialised into utopia.