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Gemma Falconer is a Campaign Manager for Citrix. She is part of the EMEA marketing team and looks after the webinar programme, email nurturing and content creation for the UK. In her spare time, you'll find her diving around a volleyball court, trying to learn Portuguese and eating cake – lots of cake! Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter

7 ways GoToMeeting can work for you

GoToMeeting_7 reasons to use GoToMeeting

56 million online meetings a year.

That’s how many online meetings are held every year using GoToMeeting – and that number is on the rise.

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20 habits of truly brilliant presenters [infographic]

20 habits of truly brilliant presenters

Learning how to deliver an effective presentation is one of the fundamental business skills that many of us will develop as we grow in the workplace.

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50 annoying business phrases that we must stop using at work

Annoyed upset angry woman plugging her ears with fingers doesn't want to listen

It is what it is.

Thanks in advance.

Reach out.

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Should you work from home or take your germs to the office?

Should you work in the office or home

The average Briton takes 9.1 sick days a year, according to accountancy firm PwC. Doesn’t sound like much, does it, especially given that the average Briton works 150 days of the year*! But we all know that coming to work when you’re unwell won’t make you any friends AND could well make you feel worse!

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How to save yourself from bad meetings

Bored of hearing the same old suggestions...

Imagine coming into the office one morning, settling at your desk to prepare for the working day. A colleague you sort-of recognise from down the corridor wanders into your office and, without a word, steals your chair and rolls away with it. No explanation as to why he took your chair in particular, or any acknowledgement that you might need it to get any work done. You’d surely kick up a fuss, right?

The employment benefits you could expect in 7 countries around the world

How work compares around the world

If you were to work for a company in the US, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Brazil or South Africa, how would that compare to what you’d experience in the UK?

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Make working from home work for you

Make working from home work for you

Working from home is gaining acceptance among a growing number of organisations, as HR policy-makers latch on to the value of flexibility in creating a stable, productive workforce. It’s no longer a nice-to-have or just for working parents – flexibility is becoming a key concern for today’s employees who want more say in how, when and where they work. Companies that don’t adapt to this new reality risk losing talented people to more progressive rivals.

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