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How and why you should be taking meeting minutes

Taking meeting minutes

Most of us know what a good meeting looks, feels and sounds like. We do the prep work, we keep in mind the three principles of successful meetings, and we try not to waste anyone’s time. Unfortunately, most of us also know what a bad meeting looks, feels and sounds like: wayward conversations with no outcome or conclusion, no one keeping track of the time, the same people speaking over and over with the rest checking emails or covertly faffing around on Facebook to kill time.

Wearable tech could change the way we work for the better

Wearable Technology and it's impact on business

It’s safe to say that wearables have successfully carved themselves a place in the consumer market: smartwatches, fitness trackers and notification devices are playing an increasingly prominent role in our day-to-day existence. Rapid advancements in flexible display technology mean that we’re able to expand our notion of what wearable tech can do, and where it can be used. But where do they fit in during working hours? Can wearables actually help us do our jobs?