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Erica Sosna is a speaker, author and expert in careers coaching and work design. Her first book, Your Life Plan, was published by Wiley in 2014. Erica works with corporates and their talent to develop career coaching conversations and help new grads find their right fit. Visit to download a free extract from her book.

You’re hired! Now what?

You're hired. Now how do you keep that job?

So the tenth season of The Apprentice has drawn to a close and Lord Sugar has a new business partner in the form of Aussie Machiavelli Mark Smith.

Every year, the programme has me squealing with something between delight and pain at the faux pas and heat of the moment mistakes that the astonishing characters gracing the programme make. How the producers manage to find this combination of egomaniacs, maverick creatives and deluded Generation Y’s is beyond me, yet somehow they form a potent mix and make addictive viewing.

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