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Craig Hadden works as an instructional designer, creating online training from his home in Sydney. He’s fascinated by presentations, and at his Remote Possibilities blog you’ll find many articles and videos about presenting. When he’s prised away from the keyboard, he enjoys cycling and snorkelling. He’d love to hear from you, via either his blog or @RemotePoss on Twitter.

Big presentation? Go from stressed to your best

Presenting to senior management remove stress

When you give an important presentation, without doubt one of your biggest hurdles is the stress or nerves you feel.

A little nervousness is a good thing because it keeps you on your A-game. But feeling too much of it comes across as discomfort, which makes your audience uneasy too, and hence they’ll be hesitant about your message. What’s more, intense nerves hinder your thinking, which makes it harder to convince people about your message.

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