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Ari Kopoulos is CEO of EmployeeConnect His knowledge spans across brand strategy, sales leadership and digital innovation. Ari provides creative vision and leadership across a rapidly growing team, reinforcing EmployeeConnect as the premier employment thought leader in for employee engagement & workplace transformation.

10 Ways To Build A Winning Personal Brand

Personal branding is nothing new. Julius Caesar’s three-word mantra, ‘Veni, vidi, vici,’ clearly demonstrated his winning-at-all-costs persona. Politicians have successfully developed and packaged their brands to win votes and build coalitions of political power. Today’s marketer, networking aficionado and job seeker find even greater pressure to build a personal brand given the digital tools that are widely available for branding and marketing a personal image and philosophy. However, some young people baulk at the idea of becoming a brand because it seems impersonal. The struggle to develop an identity influences many people to scream, ‘I’m not a brand; I’m a human being!’

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