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What we can learn from these companies about work-life balance

Establishing a healthy work-life balance is something that I continually struggle with. I work from my home office which can be very difficult (impossible) to get away from; but also, since I am self employed, I rarely stick to a rigid 9-5 routine. Of course this isn’t a problem unique to home-workers. Having worked for large companies too I remember how unusual it was for myself and my colleagues to leave the office on time. If we managed on the odd occasion to get all of our work done within our contracted hours, it was a rare and wonderful thing.

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Cube feng shui: How to use an ancient practice to boost productivity & focus in your workspace

You don’t have to look too far to find critics of the office cubicle: Google “cubicles are awful” and you’ll find hundreds of articles decrying these hated workspaces. And most of the data on work environments seems to support these claims. Cubicle-bound workers report exceptionally low levels of satisfaction with their work stations. They’re less productive than their peers in open-plan offices. Meanwhile, most cube workers get absolutely no daytime exposure to natural light, which wrecks sleeping patterns and skews cognitive ability.

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6 LinkedIn influencers worth following in 2017

LinkedIn has recently undergone a big refresh, bringing its newsfeed far more in line with Facebook and other social networks, showing trending stories that are curated by human editors and algorithms. Users can un-follow and hide posts easily (just like Facebook), but interestingly, Pulse, its daily news and publishing platform, is now more tucked away than ever it seems, although also available as a standalone mobile app. This makes it even more important to seek out the influencers worth following, so that you will never miss a post by them.

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How to successfully delegate decision making

There’s some irony in the fact that taking the decision to delegate decision making can sometimes be a tough one, and particularly within a small company where autonomy has generally rested with you. It can be a time-consuming process and often requires a mindset change on your part, along with a willingness to let go of a certain amount of control. It can sometimes be tricky to find the right balance but when managed successfully, the delegation of some decisions brings with it great benefits and can be highly worth the investment of time.

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How to prioritise your workload for a more productive day

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning plates, rapidly switching between one unfinished task to another, putting in a burst of effort to keep one task ‘spinning’, hoping that none of the other plates crash to the floor in the meantime? It’s an exhausting, stressful and ineffective way to work. Only when we’re able to prioritise and give our single, undivided attention to the task in hand can we keep focused and productive, and have the freedom to think creatively.

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The best places to work remotely in central London

Finding a decent place to work in London as a remote worker, digital nomad, or freelancer can be difficult. Many cafes are often too loud, not WiFi-equipped, or too small, and when you’re on a deadline, you don’t have the time to sift through endless online reviews to find somewhere decent.

The next time you find yourself in Central London, here are a few recommendations to save you some time and stress. Whether you’re in Bloomsbury looking for somewhere to get some writing done or you’re in Barbican needing a quiet place to host an online meeting, these lovely establishments are here to save the day.

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