10 blogs to read for business inspiration

Reading is my biggest source of inspiration. For years it has been part of my daily routine, as I’ve found it’s the best way to fuel me through the working week. In part this is due to my journalist background when it was critical that I read to keep ahead of the game; but since then, it’s a habit I’ve maintained, and there are some trusted blogs and online sources I turn to regularly for their insightful content and ideas. At times when my productivity is slipping, taking a 10 minute break to read a new post on one of my favoured blogs is often all I need to drive me through the slump.

If daily blog reading isn’t an established habit, here are 10 inspiring blogs (in addition to this one!) to help get you started. Or alternatively if you are a voracious reader already, there might be a couple here to add to your reading list. Some are better known than others, and they cover a good spread of business-related topics; but what they all have in common is great content and fresh ideas.

Harvard Business Review

This should ideally be a staple part of any blog reading diet. It’s packed with sage advice and wisdom on strategy, innovation and readership, written by some of the world’s business experts. The topics covered range from the most general to the very niche, and there is always fresh content that grabs my interest. The one drawback is that only four articles per month are available for free access, and eight if you register; beyond this, you will need to subscribe.

Penelope Trunk

Penelope is a serial entrepreneur, having founded four successful community-focused start-up businesses. She uses her blog to document the “twists and turns” in her career path, which is rich and varied. She’s a published writer, and much of her content takes the shape of careers advice for the rising generation particularly. Her posts receive high levels of engagement, and in addition to new weekly content, there’s a rich archive dating back 10 years or more that’s worth delving into.


The Guardian’s Smarter Working blog

The Guardian’s Smarter Working blog is part of its small business network, and it never fails to leave me feeling inspired and motivated. There tends to be a fresh piece of content once a week (ideally I wish it was updated more often), which is always in-depth and well-researched. I particularly enjoyed this recent post on what it’s really like to be freelance.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is CEO of Owner Media Group, a professional speaker and author of eight business books. His blog is extremely well established, and always seems to be relevant and timely in the topics it covers. What I like about it particularly is the practical business tips and strategies it shares, and Chris is someone who really has his finger on the pulse in identifying new trends in business. It’s a personal blog and while it can be quite extrovert at times, and not to everyone’s taste, I’ve picked up some valuable habits from it.


Richard Branson’s blog

I challenge you to try and not be inspired by the words of Richard Branson! His personal blog is packed with humility, authenticity and valuable business lessons and morals. His passion for the business values and causes he champions can’t help but motivate you to push on towards your goals. I’ve learnt a lot from this blog and follow it religiously. The content is well written and very easy to read.

Richard Branson Blog

Steve Pavlina

Steve has been blogging about personal growth since 2004. When it comes to his blog, he describes himself as “a perpetual student and explorer” who loves“deep dives into fresh learning experiences”. He hasn’t had a ‘job’ since 1992, shunning corporate life, and instead seeks out projects and work that he will truly enjoy. Sounds good doesn’t it! This comes through in much of his writing and his content offers a healthy reminder of what we should be striving for in our daily lives.

Zen Habits

If you’re looking for help and inspiration to find a better work-life balance, Zen Habits is about finding that simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. Its content is focused on clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, find happiness and continue to be creative. Mindfulness within work is a hot topic at the moment, and this blog is packed with really tangible advice and strategies to try out.

The DailySaint

This is the personal blog of Mike St Pierre, who heads up a Catholic school in America. While it claims to have a special focus on education, really its true focus is productivity, which is why it frequently appears in business blog rankings. The blurb says if you’ve grappling with questions relating to ‘how do I navigate an increasingly digital world?’, ‘how do I combat information overload?’, ‘how do I get more organised?’ and ‘how can I find time to do the things I really want to do?’, then this blog is for you. The issues it tackles seem to always be pertinent and it’s well worth adding to your reading list.

the daily saint

Positive Sharing

Alexander Kjerulf is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo inc, and it therefore makes sense that his blog is about happiness at work. He’s spoken at TEDx and has four books published including ‘Happy Hour is 9 to 5’. As the title of the blog suggests, content is focused on the overarching theme of how to be happy and content in your work, how to go about finding a career you love and what to do when things go wrong. If you’re looking for an entertaining read, I particularly like the post ‘The best resignation letter ever’.

Positive Sharing

Genius Types

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this personal development blog initially, but I really like its niche. Written by Brian Lee who is marketing advisor to entrepreneurs, its focus is divided across three core themes: creative life, productivity and books. Ultimately, it’s all about proactively engineering your life, for better output within your career. The topics covered are engaging and relevant, and it is crammed with helpful tips and strategies. The business book reviews are really handy too. Definitely one to bookmark!

Business blogs to read genius types

Do you have a favourite business blog you read for inspiration, in addition to this one of course? If so, we’d love to hear about it.

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