What were the 10 most popular posts of 2015?

What were the 10 most popular posts of 2015?

Now that the countdown to Christmas is in full swing, it’s always nice to reflect on the highs of 2015, and in our case, the blog posts that really got our readers thinking and sharing. So just before we kick back with a glass of mulled wine and call it a wrap for 2015, we thought you might like our Christmas Top 10 of the posts that grabbed the most eyeballs this year…

So in at No. 1, with close to 44,000 views, is…

10 time management hacks you need to use now

This is a great post to revisit, particularly when we’re beginning to think about our New Year’s resolutions. Our attention is increasingly divided across a growing array of connected devices, and the art of focusing and managing time is becoming more and more challenging. This post is packed with time management wisdom, which will help to empower you to be more productive and efficient next year.

  1. 16 image sources for your next presentation

Finding good images online can sometimes prove an incredibly time consuming task, and if it’s free images you’re looking for, the landscape can be particularly tricky and confusing. While some sources offer completely royalty free images, also known as Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licenses, others allow you to use images for free but only under certain conditions. This post offers a really handy guide to the differences, and directs you towards some great image sources.

  1. 7 mistakes to avoid when presenting to senior management

That first ‘big’ presentation you have to deliver is probably something that will stick in your mind forever. You probably lost plenty of sleep over it, and on the day itself, felt sick to the pit of your stomach. This post offers seven top tips on the common pitfalls you can easily avoid, when preparing your first big presentation for senior management.

  1. 7 simple tips for creating memorable presentations

It’s an indisputable fact that TED Talks have really upped the presentation stakes! Presentations remain a vital business tool, but so many are thrown together in a hurry and with the primary objective of getting ‘everything in’. It’s easy to see why this post has proven so popular, as it’s full of good advice and suggestions on how to make your presentations more enjoyable and memorable.

  1. 25 daily habits that are killing your productivity

Productivity is a subject our readers care about a lot, and in at number five is another great post on the 25 daily habits that are killing your productivity on a daily basis. If you’re finding that some days it is proving almost impossible to concentrate, and that you’re getting too easily distracted by the buzzes and beeps around you, you might like to read through this handy checklist, and see how many bad habits you can try to remove from your everyday routine.

  1. Stage fright: How to overcome your fear of public speaking

The fear of public speaking can be so real, it even has its own name: glossophobia. But the term ‘public speaking’ no longer refers to just talking in front of a physical audience. It can also mean presenting to a virtual audience through online meetings and webinars. This post tackles the most common fears of public speaking, and offers a four-stage action plan to public-speaking invincibility. If Steve Jobs rehearsed his presentations weeks in advance and two days straight leading up to an event, then surely the best of us should be willing to put in a similar amount of preparation.

  1. Pointless meetings and how to avoid them

Our meeting posts tend to generate a lot of interest, which suggests our readers are finding themselves too often stuck in pointless or badly-run meetings. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a quick catch-up with a colleague or a regular team get-together; a meeting should serve a purpose and have an agenda set as the bare minimum, or it’s just a waste of time. This helpful post offers five top tips on how to organise a meeting that everyone will be happy to attend.

  1. Richard Branson: 20 brilliant quotes on how to achieve professional success

If you’ve become bogged down in the drudgery of business, have found your career stagnate, or are desperate for a new challenge, Richard Branson is always an incredible source of business inspiration and learning. In this post we’ve compiled 20 of our favourite Richard Branson quotes, on the topic of business success.

  1. Don’t panic! How to quickly create a convincing presentation

If you ever find yourself needing to create a presentation from scratch, at a moment’s notice…this post will walk you through every stage of process, in just three hours! The tactics encourage you to step away from your PC and the lure of PowerPoint or Prezi, and start thinking, doodling and planning. It’s definitely one to bookmark!

  1. Banish meeting boredom: 13 tips for better meetings

Following lots of research and a survey to meeting users, we put together the ultimate everything-you-need-to-know-about-meetings eBook. In that eBook, we look at the essential steps a meeting organiser should take before, during and after a meeting to make it simply awesome. You can read this post for insight into some of the helpful tips the eBook contains.

So there you have it, our Christmas top 10 countdown of your favourite posts in 2015.

If there’s another that stole the show for you, please let us know below, as we’d love to hear!

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