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The accidental exporter: How UK small businesses are going global

Global business

When I wrote the book ‘Go Global’ back in 2011, I interviewed more than a dozen exporters in order to share their trading tips and stories of success. Many of them referred to themselves as Accidental Exporters. They had taken to social media platforms and powerful marketplaces and, in so doing, had attracted customers and fans from across the globe. It proved the point that technology has been a key enabler when it comes to accessing new markets, and that entrepreneurs do not shy in the face of opportunity. Rather, they rapidly respond and learn as they go along.

Everything you’ve been taught about presentations is wrong(ish)

Everything you've been taught about presentations is wrong1

As you’d expect from a self-confessed presentation geek, the walls of my study are lined with a multitude of books dedicated to the topic of presenting. They vary by area of expertise, presentation technologies, design thinking and frankly, quality, yet there is one thing that the vast majority share – an obsession with what I would term ‘formal presentations’.

8 steps to successful project management in distributed teams [Infographic]

Steps to successful project management

When project team members work in different locations, communication often suffers. A mobility strategy can help to spark team spirit and to bridge distances—without arduous travel.

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15 snacks to help boost your energy and productivity [Infographic]


The Google campus in Mountain View, California, has the perfect solution to that well known energy slump which many of us experience in the afternoon, usually right around 2:30pm. It’s called a nap pod! When the innovation gets too much, employees are encouraged to take themselves off for a five to 15 minute power nap, to help recharge their batteries.

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