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7 places to find brilliant royalty free stock images

Free stock image example from StockSnap

A study carried out by ROI research found that people are 44% more likely to engage with a brand if an image is involved. On Facebook, a post that includes an album or picture receives 120% to 180% more engagement from fans than a text-based post. According to 3M Corp, our brains process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Suffice to say, images are often the perfect way to bring a piece of content to life, in order to attract the highest levels of engagement.

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13 of the most annoying web conferencing phrases

Annoying web conference phrases

Web conferences aren’t always the most natural of situations which can sometimes lead to some common pitfalls and awkwardness, as well as some pretty annoying phrases!

If you’re a regular to web conferencing, you’ve most likely come across some or more of these phrases at some point. Very often the problems arrive when you’re being asked to use an online meeting platform which is unfamiliar to you. I’ve learnt that it certainly pays to be prepared, allowing plenty of time to set-up the technology beforehand, run an audio check, and still be on time for the meeting. Investing in a good quality headset is another ‘must’, if virtual meetings are a regular thing for you.

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