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Banish meeting boredom: 13 tips for better meetings

No more bad meetings

As you would imagine, working for an online meeting provider means that we attend a fair few meetings. We’ve had a lot of practice over the years and I’d say we’ve got a pretty good idea of what makes a brilliant (and painful) meeting.

Following a ton of research and a survey to meeting users, we’ve put together the ultimate everything-you-need-to-know-about-meetings eBook. In that eBook, we look at the essential steps a meeting organiser should take before, during and after a meeting to make it simply awesome. Here’s an overview of those tips:

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How to deal with difficult conversations remotely [Webinar]

How to handle difficult conversations

How do you announce redundancies, discuss negative customer feedback, manage poor performance or resolve conflict with teams and individuals who work remotely?

Watch this webinar recording with Lynne Copp, Founder of the Worklife Company, as she explores this tender strand of communication and shares four tips for communicating effectively during difficult conversations with remote workers.

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The weekly round-up: Freelancing


The theme for this week is freelancing. While many of us enjoy the variety working from home, working from unfamiliar offices or even occasionally from our favourite local café, for some of us that comes as standard. The UK’s freelancers have been making a few headlines this week; here are some of the stories.

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The decision you’re making five times a second (whether you like it or not)

employee engagement

Can you imagine what it was like for Ferdinand Magellan? Columbus had failed in his 1492 quest to reach the Indies – Southeast Asia – and had bumped into the Americas instead. The Portuguese had moved quickly to claim the eastern routes to Asia, so by 1519, the Spanish were desperate for a westward route that would secure trade with the Asian kingdoms.

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The funny side of web conferencing…and how to avoid some common pitfalls!

Funny web conferencing moments

Let’s be honest…web conferencing can be a wonderful business tool for teams who are geographically dispersed or working remotely. But even the most experienced web conference user will have surely experienced some of the common awkward situations that are part and parcel to getting a group of co-workers to communicate virtually. It’s not always the most natural of situations, and unless web conferencing is a regular occurrence in your business schedule, it can be easy to fall down some of the technology crevices.

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Let it snow – perhaps now is the time to test flexible working

Let it snow business as usual

Most of the country has been issued with a snow warning in anticipation of the arrival of the “Beast from the East” – a stretch of cold air heading our way from Siberia. How lovely.

Back in 2013, 77% of organisations were affected by severe weather. Yet despite it being acknowledged as one of the biggest threats to UK businesses, few are often prepared for the disruption it causes.

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How can the UK’s politicians win the small business vote?

What do UK politicians need to do to win the SMB vote

With last week marking 100 days until the 2015 General Election on 7 May, the leaders of the major political parties are likely to make a renewed commitment to showing they are in touch with the issues facing Britain’s army of small-and-medium-business employees (who numbered over 15 million last year according to the FSB). So what are the big focus areas that our potential future leaders need to concentrate on to win these votes?

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