Tips and tricks for great presentation design [Webinar]

Tips for great slide design

We all know the symptoms of Death by PowerPoint: badly designed slides, bullet point after bullet point, endless text.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

On Tuesday 25 November, over 600 people joined myself and Citrix for a live webinar ‘Tips and Tricks for Great Presentation Design‘, where I demonstrated how to create visually stunning presentations that move audiences to action and prevent Death by PowerPoint.

During the webinar we looked at how to:

  • Create beautiful slides that engage your virtual audiences
  • Design and deliver presentations with strong visual messaging
  • Harness the tips and tricks the pros use

Recording:Tips and Tricks for Great Presentation Design
The presentation starts at 1:38

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About the author

David Smith is Global Director of Virtual Learning Solutions at TMA World, he is passionate about virtual working whether communicating, meeting, presenting or training virtually. He is also a regular speaker at international training conferences and Citrix webinars. In his spare time he enjoys many sports (unfortunately, most as a spectator), has a family that keeps him young, loves Spanish Tapas and great red wines. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter More blog posts by David Smith ››
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  • Looking forward to receiving your questions about todays webinar!!

  • Rick

    For online presentations – what microphone/speaker set up would you recommend?
    How do you avoid speaker sound being picked up by your mic?

  • Nicola

    Great recommendations on books from Amazon – thank you! –
    Do you recommend Nancy Duarte’s Resonate: “Present Visual Stories That Transform
    Audiences”. It seems to be sold as a bundle with the other two books

    • Hi Nicola

      I definitely recomnmend anything from Garr or Nancy, they are MY presentation heroes!!

  • Hi Rick – I use a Blue Snowball microphone –

    It automatically cuts out any extraneous noise…

    Speaker wise i dont use anything fancy

  • Timea Balazsi

    I am applying for a job and the request is a maximum 6 slide PPT introducing myself and explaining why I am applying. Besides everything you said, are there any specific tips you would recommend?

  • DB

    Any thoughts on delivering the ‘bad news’ presentation?

    • Hi DB

      Tricky one – I would ask “is a presentation the right vehicle to deliver bad news with?”

      There are much better ways to deliver bad news whcih would not be seen as possibly comning across as cold …

      • DB

        Interesting thought. It’s true that there’s a big difference between ‘we’ve not achieved our sales numbers and here’s why’ and ‘we’re closing down your plant’. Sounds like it’s about knowing your audience and the reality of your message.

        • HI DB

          It does feel a little “cold” to be delivering bad news via a presentation, it may be the most efficient but perhaps having the “deliverer” of the bad news on webcam at the same time would humanise the presentation more.

          Unfortunately in business decisions need to be made – both good and bad but as i said is a presentation the right vehicle??

  • lincstherapy

    do you use different presentational techniques for live and recorded online presentations

    • Hi lincstherapy

      Of course the techniques have to be different – if i am presenting to a live audience i can build in interaction (asking questions) where if its recorded it needs a different approach – I can still ask the question – I may have it printed on the slide, pause a little almost encouraging the viewer to think…

  • infield

    Thanks for a great presentation. I’m still struggling with covering a lot of content in my workshop. My slides are a mixture of strong images with separate bullet point slides. I handout a set of slides with just the bullet points as take-aways.

    I’m struggling to take those slides out of my presentation for fear of missing out important content.

    Maybe I just have too much content.

    • Hello infield

      I would say that if you feel the content is needed it stays in the workshop, consider how you may be able to provide “supporting” handouts – as you say as set of the slides with the bullet points but ask yourself if that handout stand on its own

      Remember a presentation is a little like a three legged stool – You, Your message and the slides, it may not “stand up” on two legs so often handouts need a little more thought and work….

      Take a look at Nancy Duarte’s SlideDocs – a great way of combining it all..

  • Neil Dulling

    How do you deal with presenting data to different groups of people in the same audience
    often my audience is made up of senior staff and junior staff and the message needs to get to beothof them but clearly they lean in different ways ?

    • Hi Neil

      I think we can deliver the same data to both audiences (remember the presentation would likely be the highlights not drilling down into the data) – i would think of supporting information to support the inexperienced/junior staff, so perhaps a handout that gives them a stronger understanding of the data

  • PMcN

    We all accept that a great presentation is a conversation Apart from moving around David do you have any tips to improve the conversation
    Thanks for a great presentation

    • Hi PMcN

      Yes – really engage with the audience – a conversation is a two sided activity – reach out to your audience and ineract with them – either verbally, through the tools or as we are here…

  • josh

    please can this seminal/tutorial be downloaded?

    • Gemma, Citrix Interactions

      Hi Josh! We will send you a copy of the webinar recording and the slides, via email. Should be with you later on this afternoon

      • Gemma, Citrix Interactions

        We’ll also upload the recording here shortly.

  • Timea Balazsi

    Thank you David:)

  • A great video which sends up the mopst common mistakes in presenting:

    Hope you enjoy it!!

  • Molla Belay

    Do you mean that Times New Roman font poor? What about the font size for heads and body of power point presentation?


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