Monthly Archives: September 2014

6 out of 10 UK SMBs looking to trade internationally by 2016

In today’s digital world, it’s never been easier for small businesses to discover the possibilities of international trade. However, not all SMBs are fully exploring the potential of the global market, and they’re missing out on the benefits that it can bring. With this in mind, we conducted some research with YouGov, surveying 2,000 small businesses from all across the UK to get their thoughts on international trade and what we can learn from it. Here’s what we found.

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Home-working tips from our very own online marketing manager

In the spirit of National Work-Life Week, a Working Families initiative, we’ve prepared a few useful articles for those thinking about working from home, or those looking to re-address their work-life balance. Happy reading!


When I decided as a single parent to adopt my daughter from China back in 2006, I knew that things would have to change within my career if I was going to be there for my child.

Over the years my career has taken centre stage, and I have struggled to find the balance between life and work. When the adoption finally happened after many years of waiting, I was leading a small web team within a demanding work environment.

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6 tips to help you start working from home

Working from home (also known as workshifting) seems like quite a self-explanatory concept: You dodge the commute, the distractions and the cost of working in an office by opening your laptop at home instead, right? But, there are several aspects you need to consider, whether they are the ergonomics of your new workspace, the equipment, your motivation or your general happiness. So, below, I have put together some tips to help you plan for and successfully work from home!

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5 cringe-free team-building activities

‘Team-building’ is one of those business topics that will set eyes rolling. It can conjure up all sorts of images where colleagues are flung together into awkward scenarios which they would have rather avoided.

Research from Citrix has shown that 31 percent of office workers say that they can’t stand team-building activities. So why do team-building activities remain a staple of offices everywhere? Despite employee perception, there is plenty of research supporting the benefits of activities that foster healthy team culture and group dynamics.

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Is brain training really necessary? (Yes, if you’re over 30!)

Recently, I’ve been doing a bit of a reading challenge with a friend. There were several books we both wanted to read, so we decided to read them alongside each other. But the idea didn’t quite go to plan. While my friend devoured each book like a locust, I found myself lagging a little behind. Her secret (aside from not having the distraction of two young children) is brain training, she claims. In her own words, 20 minutes of brain training a day over the past few months has significantly boosted her reading speed, among other things.

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